03/10/05 CCB Masters Cold Shower

They are fixing the heaters at the CCB pool, which means no hot showers yesterday and today, and a little cooler pool temp (for CCB, that means 82 degrees). This situation revealed which of the Masters swimmers come for the workout…and which come for the hot shower. We had only TWO SWIMMERS this morning — Holly and Kim — so I got in with them and we had a really great practice and got to swim in our own lanes. And the most exciting part was the ice-cold shower at the end. AIYEEEEEEEEEEEE! (We had those all to ourselves, too.)

400 your choice, on your own

MAIN SET: 1900
Your focus should be on the 50s; make them quality work. The idea is that you get 5 seconds less rest on each set of 50s.

400 with fins, alternating 25 body dolphin on your back and 25 freestyle

7 X 50 choice @ :20 RI (we were on 1:05) [I did these as 25 back/25 breast…7 strokes on the breast…:45-:46]

300 freestyle pull, bump up your normal breathing pattern by 1 stroke

5 X 50 choice @ original RI minus :05 (we were on 1:00) [Did back/breast…7 strokes on breast…:45]

200 with fins all drills in IM order, twice through

4 X 50 choice @ RI minnus :10 (we were on :55) [Did back/breast…8 strokes on breast…:43]

100 with fins easy dolphin or flutter kick

2 X 50 choice @ RI minus :15 (we were on :50) [Did breast/breast…9 and 10 strokes…:42…:41]


Total Yardage: approx. 2500