03/24/05 CCB Masters 4-3-2-1 IMs

We had a spring snowstorm this morning and only 5 of the Masters swimmers made it to the pool, so I got in and swam around underneath them and beside them. It’s amazing what you can see from down there that you can’t see from on deck. We did a practice that was more about technique than speed, so I was able to stop them individually and work on things.

400 your choice, on your own

MAIN SET: 2000
With fins: 400 IM, all drills and this is your choice of drills.

With pull buoy: 300 kick/scull/swim IM order Focus on straight line from fingerips through wrist and forearm.

With fins: 200 IM

No equipment: 100 IM

With fins: 4 X 100 your choice of all free…or IMs…or 100 of each stroke

With pull buoy: 300 kick/scull/swim IM

With fins: 4 X 50 your choice of all free or IM order

No equipment: 4 X 25 IM order FAST!!!


Total Yardage: 2500