05/27/03 CCB Masters T-15s and Drill/Swim

05/27/03 CCB Masters

This is the week for our T-15 swims, so we need a practice that allows people to slide from their T-15 into or out of easy intervals. If you start the main set and have to stop in order to swim your T-15, just pick up where you left off on the drill/swim sets. If you get all the way through the drill/swim sets, just start again.

5 minutes swim on your own.

Freestyle Set:
5 X 100 swum as 25 drill/25 free/25 drill/25 free
1st 100: Drill is Head-Lead Active
2nd 100: Drill is Hand-Lead Nose Up/Nose Down
3rd 100: Drill is Single-Switch Freestyle
4th 100: Drill is Triple-Switch Freestyle
5th 100: Drill is Freestyle Breathe Every Stroke

Combo Set:
5 X 100 swum as 25 drill/25 back/25 drill/25 free
1st 100: Drill is Torpedo
2nd 100: Drill is 3 strokes Free/4 strokes Back
3rd 100: Drill is 4 strokes Free/3 strokes Back
4th 100: Drill is 1 stroke Free/2 strokes Back
5th 100: Drill is 2 strokes Free/1 stroke Back