04/14/05 Big Green Beach Ball

For some reason, this has been designated “Beach Week” at the community pool where I coach. We all have to dress the part, with board shorts, hats, shades, etc., so I felt right at home this morning when I brought my new toy, the big green bouncy ball, to practice.

With TYR fins. Continuous through the following:
25 Head-Lead Body Dolphin
25 Head-Lead Flutter
25 Head-Lead Dolphin on Back
25 Hand-Lead BD
25 6-Count Backstroke
25 Hand-Lead Dolphin on Back
50 Single-Arm Fly
50 Single-Arm Back
50 Single-Arm Breast
50 2L/2R Fly
50 2L/2R Back
50 2L/2R Breast
150 Free

KICK SET #1: 500
10 X 50 breast kick with 8 Rocket Launchers before each 50
Odds: Hand-Lead Kick with board, or on back, stomach, with pull buoy. Different each time.
Evens: Kick while hugging the Big Green Bouncy Ball. Some were breast. Some eggbeater.

FIN Set: 600
Repeat the Warmup, but this time with Zura Alpha Fins. (Repeat it with whatever fins you have.)

KICK SET #2: 250 + 50
5 X 50 breast kick on 1:30 with a kickboard, with 8 Rocket Launchers before each 50. Descend. (Went 50…50…47…45…43.)

50 recovery

With a pull buoy, do a 300 “IM.” Kick 25, scull 25, swim 25 in all four strokes.


Total Yardage: 2500