04/16/04 Breast Kick & Turn Practice

Did this in a 20-yard pool with flat walls, but it’s easy to adapt it to 25 yards.

With Zura Alpha Fins.
160 Head-Lead Drill IM
160 Hand-Lead Drill IM
160 Single-Arm Drill IM
160 2L/2R Drill IM
160 Freestyle

Kick EZ Breast in all different positions (hand-lead, head-lead, under water, etc.) to get legs warmed up.

Wanted to focus solely on the breast turn, and on four parts of the turn: 1) touching the wall in streamline, 2) keeping toes pointed during the tuck, 3) powerful first pull, and 4) getting right back to streamline after the first pull. So I did the following as all hand-lead breast kick except for the first pull after each breakout. Did 10 to 20 bobs between swims as recovery. I did this set as primarily kick so that I wouldn’t be totally exhausted — which would allow me to be intense on the turns.

1 X 200
1 X 160
1 X 120
1 X 80
1 X 40

TETHER SET: 1000 (equivalent)
Get strapped into a swim tether. Push off, do a breast pulldown, then take 20 head-lead breast kicks, then do 30 hand-lead breast kicks at rapid rate, then turn and swim assisted breast back to the starting point. Repeat 5 times. Add a tethered 40 swim to the end of the 5th one.

With regular fins. Swim 400 EZ IM. Really stretch it out. Nice and EZ

Total Yardage: 3000