04/21/05 CCB Masters 100s Challenge Set

The first main set is really just a long warmup or lead-up to the second main set — the challenge set. We did this challenge set about two months ago, and I had a record of the sendoffs that everyone used back then. A couple of swimmers tried a faster sendoff today and succeeded, which was really cool. One tried a faster sendoff (after a long layoff), and didn’t make the challenge. Others used their previous sendoff, and had a really strong set.

400 your choice, on your own.

MAIN SET #1: 900
This is a descending pyramid. Take about 8 bobs recovery after the 200, 7 bobs after the 175, 6 bobs after the 150, etc.

8 lengths, alternating 25 Back/25 Free
7 lengths, alternating 25 Back/25 Free
6, alternating 25 Back/25 Breast
5, alternating 25 Back/25 Breast
4, alternating 25 Breast/25 Free
3, alternating 25 Breast/25 Free
2 lengths Free
1 length Free

MAIN SET #2: 500 + 200
5 X 100 Free on the fastest sendoff you can manage and still make all 5. We had a few swimmers on 1:25, one on 1:45, several on 1:55, and another group on 2:05.

200 EZ dolphin kick on stomach or back, with fins. Recovery.

MAIN SET #3: 300
300 Freestyle pull — lungbuster with pull buoy
Odd lengths: breathe as often as you want
Even lengths: breathe every 3, every 5, every 7 by hundreds


Total Yardage: Approx. 2500