05/03/05 CCB Masters Freestyle Scramble

Our Masters team is having growing pains. This is good because we have a lot of great new members. But’s it a scramble because we have only 3 lanes for our morning practices, and 4 maybe 5 at night. Today we had three lanes for 15 swimmers ranging from true beginners doing drills only…to seasoned vets. It was amazing to see how well everyone adapted to 6-in-a-lane swimming.

400 your choice, on your own.

5 X 50 choice on approx. :15 RI

MAIN SET: 1500
The idea on all these swims is to to the second half faster than the first half. You will probably have to do an open turn at the halfway point of each swim to get your time.

1 X 200 Free. Swim the second 100 faster than the first 100.
2 X 100 Free pull with pull buoy. Swim the second 50s faster than the first 50s.
4 X 50 Free with fins. EZ on the first 25 of each 50…FAST on the second 25.
4 X 25 Flutter kick with a board on approx. :15 RI. Descend time 1 to 4.

50 EZ recovery

Repeat the above sequence, but scramble the equipment as follows:
1 X 200 Free pull with pull buoy. Second 100 faster than first 100.
2 X 100 Free with fins. Second 50s faster than the first 50s.
4 X 50 Flutter kick with a board. Second half faster than first half. OK to do another kick if you don’t want to do flutter.
4 X 25 Free @ :15 RI. Descend time 1 to 4.

50 EZ recovery

6 X 25 Freestyle taking 1, 2, or 3 breaths per length — whatever feels taxing yet do-able. Take 5 bobs as recovery between 25s. The idea is to relax into these. Go relatively EZ and focus on perfect strokes.

100 EZ

Total Yardage: Approx. 2800