05/04/05 Breaststroke Tether and Kick

Did this practice in a 20-yard pool.

With Zura Alpha Fins:
160 Head-Lead “IM”
160 Hand-Lead “IM”
160 Single-Arm IM
160 2L/2R IM

No fins: 160 EZ breaststroke kick all positions

TETHER SET #1: 400 (equivalent)
With long-belt slider tether:
Push off…pulldown…25 head-lead breaststroke kicks…25 hand-lead breaststroke kicks at fast cadence…turn…swim assisted back to starting point. Repeat.

Had to bail out of this tether set because several other swimmers arrived and I was worried about zinging them with the tether. (Our 20-yard pool has only one lane line, so it’s kind of a free-for-all when several swimmers are trying to do laps.)

10 X 40 breaststroke kick with 10 Rocket Launchers before each 40.
Odds: Kick with no equipment — different position each time
Evens: Kick on the Big Green Ball

TETHER SET #2: 440 (equivalent)
Swimmers cleared out so I started again with the tether.
Repeat tether set #1 (twice through the sequence). Then…
4 X 40 breaststroke, taking 8 strokes against the tether and coming back (assisted) in 8 to 9 strokes.
1 X 80 breaststroke with the tether

IM SET: 400
400 IM with TYR fins.

120 EZ

Total Yardage: 2560