05/11/05 20-Yard-Pool Taper Practice

I usually do warmup with fins, but since we won’t be allowed to use fins or equipment at the Masters meet next week, I’m trying to use them very selectively during taper, and am not using them at all for warmup. I need to develop a no-equipment warmup that feels right.

160 Head-Lead IM
160 Hand-Lead IM
160 Single-Arm IM
160 2L/2R IM
160 EZ breast kick

MAIN SET: Approx. 2300
With swim tether, push off and do underwater pulldown, then 25 head-lead breast kicks followed by 25 hand-lead breast kicks at fast cadence, then turn and swim back assisted (8 strokes).
With tether, do a 40 breast (resisted for 20 and assisted for 20). (Took 8 strokes each way.)

80 EZ

2 X 200 with TYR fins, alternating 20 underwater body dolphin and 20 body dolphin on the surface

Repeat the tether swims as above.

2 X 160 nekked, alternating 20 breaststroke drill and 20 breaststroke

Repeat the tether swims as above.

2 X 120 with pull buoy, alternating 20 scull and 20 breast swim with pull buoy

Repeat the tether swims as above.

2 X 40 breast kick/eggbeater kick with the Big Green Ball, and with 10 Rocket Launchers before each 40.

60 EZ porpoise dives (this is a shallow pool) and about a dozen breaststroke-turn sommersaults.

Total Yardage: Approx. 3200