05/13/05 Friday the 13th Taper Practice

Just a week to go before the meet. I’m really enjoying getting cranked up for more speed at practice. I did this one in a 20-yard pool.

WARMUP: 1000
No fins or equipment.
160 Head-Lead IM
160 Hand-Lead IM
160 Single-Arm AIM
160 2L/2R IM
160 Free
200 EZ Breast Kick

MAIN SET: 1000
With swim tether: 4 X 40 breast (8 strokes resisted and 8 strokes assisted)

400 IM no equipment

3 X 40 breast with tether (8 strokes resisted and 8 strokes assisted)

320 “IM” with pull buoy, alternating 20 kick/20 scull

200 yards of porpoise dives and back sommersaults and breast turns

Total Yardage: 2200