05/15/05 Day-Off from Taper Swim

Did a long run yesterday, and just wanted to back off totally from fast swimming today. Did this in a 20-yard pool.

WARMUP: 1000
No equipment. Did an extra 40 yards of freestyle after each of these IMS.
160+40 Head-Lead IM
160+40 Hand-Lead IM
160+40 Single-Arm IM
160+40 2L/2R IM

200 EZ breast kick with pull buoy

MAIN SET: 1000
10 X 40 breast kick in all different positions and with various equipment (board, pull buoy, noodle) with 10 Rocket Launchers before each 40.

600 with TYR fins, alternating 40 breast drill/40 EZ flutter kick on back. Changed drills each 40.

100 of EZ porpoise dives and back sommersaults and breast turns

Total Yardage: 2100