06/12/03 Breaststroke Speed with Fins

06/12/03 Breaststroke Speed with Fins

I had only 30 minutes to practice this morning, so I wanted to do something short and intense to increase breaststroke speed.

With fins.
5 X 100, swum as 25 drill/25 Body-Dolphin Fly/25 drill/25 Body-Dolphin Fly
You could substitute freestyle or Body-Dolphin Breast for the B-D Fly 25s on this.

1st 100 drill = No-Hands Slinky
2nd 100 drill = Hand-Lead Slinky
3rd 100 drill = Slide to the Corners
4th 100 drill = Stoneskipper
5th 100 dirll = Hip-Delay Butterfly

With fins!!!!
26 X 25, swum as:
25 Hand-Lead Dolphin Kick on Your Back on :30 sendoff. Make this a build 25 (EZ to fast).
25 Fast-Hands Breaststroke with Dolphin Kick on :35 sendoff. Just go as fast as you can.
I tried to maintain :20 for each one of these 25s. On the Fast-Hands Breast, I tried for a high turnover with good form. My stroke count as 12 on these.
This was a tough set! You’d think that 25s are easy, but geesch. My chest was pounding after each of the Fast-Hands 25s.

350 Really EZ warmdown, with fins, doing kick, drill, swim free and back.

Total Yardage: 1500