05/26/05 CCB Masters Drill/Swim Sets with Toys

The idea in this practice is to do 2 X 25 of a drill or a scull or a focus point, and then do 2 X 100 swimming, incorporating the lesson of the drill into your stroke. The practice is more about searching and learning than about fast hard swimming.

400 your choice, on your own

4 X 25 freestyle, sighting on an orange cone on every stroke

MAIN SET: 1900
Twice through the following:
2 X 25 “Surfboard” Drill (half a length freestyle with head out of water and WIDE hand entry, as if you’re lying on a surfboard and paddling out through the waves, then half a length with head in the water and still going WIDE with the hand entry)
2 X 100 freestyle on :30 RI Focus on wide hand/arm entry

Then swim:
4 X 75 breast, except that first 25 of each 75 is breaststroke is with your head out of the water and your arms over a noodle

Twice through the following:
2 X 25 freestyle scull with pull buoy
2 X 100 freestyle pull, focus on back end of the stroke and not collapsing the wrist

Twice through the following:
2 X 25 hand-lead dolphin kick with fins and with your arms over a noodle
2 X 100 IM with fins

Finish with:
2 X 50 freestyle (first length is Surfboard drill and 2nd 25 is FAST freestyle with wide hand/arm entry

100 EZ

Total Yardage: 2100, not including warmup