06/13/05 Resistance Practice

I took a short break from swim training after Nationals three weeks ago, and have been focusing more on biking and running. For swim practice, I’ve just been SWIMMING, trying to maintain swim fitness and feel for the water, and I’ve been playing with some new swim toys. Did this practice in a 20-yard pool.

WARMUP: 1000
With Zura Alpha fins, swim continuously:
200 Head-Lead IM (extra 40 of freestyle at the end of 160)
200 Hand-Lead IM
200 Single-Arm IM
200 2L/2R IM
200 Single-Arm IM

Did 7 Rocket Launchers before each of the following 40s.
5 X 40 breast kick with parachute — all positions UW, Head-Lead, Hand-Lead, Back, Front
5 X 40 breast kick — odds with big green ball; evens hand-lead

6 X 120, swum as 100 free + 20 EZ breast kick on back.
Odds: With parachute
Evens: No parachute

2 X 120 breast
Odd: With chute
Even: No chute

120 EZ swim with Zura fins

Total Yardage: 2520