06/23/05 CCB Masters 200s with 25s as Recovery


WARMUP: Approx. 400
10 minutes your choice, on your own

4 X 25 Freestyle. On each 25, swim to midpool, tread water for 5 seconds, then finish the length.

MAIN SET #1: 1200
Four rounds of the following:

200 Free Count strokes to get average “N.”
4 X 25 Free at N-2 Take 4 to 5 bobs as recovery between 25s.

MAIN SET #2: 800
With fins for the entire set.
Fastest lanes do two rounds of the following. Lane #1 should do just one round, then warmdown.

200 IM, except that Fly and Breast are dolphin kick on your back.
100 IM, except that Back and Free are flutter kick on your back
4 X 25 Free. First 2 are with dolphin kick; 2nd 2 are with flutter kick

WARMDOWN: At least 100 EZ