06/30/05 Sets of 100s

This practice is meant to help you prep for the Fairlee triathlon, where the swim is .9 mile. Try to hit an easy, sustainable pace on the very first 100. Try to hold your times the same on all of them, even though you will be getting less rest as the set progresses. The idea of the decreased rest intervals is to simulate end-of-race fatigue. If you would prefer not to do this much freestyle, you could do the 100s as stroke/free/stroke/free, or all stroke.

WARMUP: Approx. 400
10 minutes your choice, on your own

4 X 25 Freestyle, sighting on every stroke

MAIN SET: 2150/1850
Lane #1 should do sets of 5 X 100. All other lanes should do the 100s as indicated.

2 X 75 with pull buoy, done as 25 flutter kick on your back/25 freestyle scull/25 freestyle

7 X 100 Free @ approx. :25 Rest Interval

100 EZ dolphin with fins – stomach or back

6 X 100 Free @ :05 less rest than on first set of 100s

100 EZ dolphin with fins

5 X 100 Free @ :05 less rest than on 2nd set of 100s

WARMDOWN: 100 to 200 EZ on your own

Total Yardage: Approx. 2700