07/07/05 CCB Masters Air & Abs

About half the team are doing a local triathlon this weekend, and many were tired from long bikes and runs, so we did something a little easy today. We did a couple of long swims with fins, incorporating all the strokes (to use different muscles) and lots of dolphin kick on the back (air and abs). Then we did a short, more difficult, set at the end.

400 your choice, on your own.

FIN SET #1: 800
Wear fins for the entire set. Swim continuously through the following. When you hit the freestyle portion of each 200 “IM,” swim it as regular freestyle.
200 Head-Lead IM
200 Hand-Lead IM
200 Single-Arm IM
200 2L/2R IM

Wear pull buoy for the entire set.
300 “IM,” swum as 25 kick/25 scull/25 swim in each stroke

FIN SET #2: 400
With fins. Swim 400, alternating 25 of Body Dolphin on Your Back and 25 Freestyle. Get progressively faster on the freestyle by 100s. On freestyle, try to look back and keep one goggle in the water during the breath.

10 X 50 Free
1st 4 are @ approx. :20 rest interval
Next 3 are @ :05 less rest than above
Next 3 are @ :10 less rest than when you started the set
E.g., our fastest lane used 1:00…:55…:50.
Our slowest lane used 1:10…1:05…1:00

At least 100 EZ warmdown

Total Yardage: Approx. 2500