07/19/05 Breaststroke/Backstroke Drill Practice

With fins:
100 Head-Lead IM
100 Hand-Lead IM

MAIN SET: 2000
Four rounds of the following, using a different breaststroke drill on every 100. For explanations and video of all the drills, pick up a copy of GO SWIM BREASTSTROKE DRILLS WITH DAVE DENNISTON & STACIANA STITTS.

5 X 100 continuous swim, done as 25 BR drill/25 BK/25 BR drill/25 BK

Set #1 drills were:
Hand-Lead Body Dolphin
Piston Kick
Underwater Breast Kick
Fast-Hands Breast

Set #2 drills were:
Breast with an Extra Kick
Head-Lead Kick on Back
Breathe Every Other Stroke
Glide Breast

Set #3 drills were:
Fly/Breast Combo with all breast kick
Kick on Back with Hands/Arms in Air
2 Sculls and a Pull
Flutter Kick with Breast Pull

Set #4 drills were:
Pulse Breaststroke
Glide Kick
Fast Hands
Mini Pull
Fast Hands

With Zura Alpha Fins
300 EZ, alternating free/back/dolphin

Total Yardage: 2500