Camp Report

DESCRIBE THE IMAGE Last year, I went to my first BISON GO SWIM summer camp, and it was great. But this year, camp was the best!!!

Every coach had something to say to improve my swimming. For instance, I have always felt that during a race my quick flip-turn gave me an edge, but the coaches showed me how to make my flip-turn even faster.

I also learned a lot of new ways to build core strength while I am having fun. Lap drills are okay, but playing ON the ball and having a catch in the deep end with the medicine ball was key.

There were so many fun ways to keep swimming interesting. I loved the synchronized swimming, the bungee, being video-taped under water, the games……there was so much to do, I can’t name it all!

I think the coaches were a lot of fun, too. They really wanted to see me improve. Thanks to all of you!

See you next camp!
Amanda Hutzelmann (age 10)

PS from Amanda’s mom: Amanda had a long course swim meet in New Paltz, NY, on July 9, and 10th (after her week in camp). She qualified for JOs in six of her events. I think training in the 50-meter pool for a week really help her in that meet. Thanks for all of your help!