08/03/05 CCB Masters Sliding Backstroke

400 your choice, on your own

4 X 25 Breast on approx. :35 sendoff. Stretch it out and see how few strokes you can take. But don’t come to a complete stop between strokes!

4 X 25 Free on approx. :35 sendoff. Brisk pace. Count strokes and get your average count — N.

MAIN SET: 1600
Swim four times through the following.
1 X 25 IM order (FL on 1st round, BK on 2nd round, BR on 3rd round, FR on 4th round)
1 X 50 BK/BR, stretching it out on the Breaststroke
1 X 25 Free @ N-2
1 X 200 Free, with a migrating 50 of Backstsroke, i.e., 1st round is 50 BK+150 FR; 2nd round is 50 FR+50 BK+100 FR; etc.) Descend time on each round.

With fins
Alternate 25 of Underwater Breast pull with dolphin kick and 25 dolphin kick on your back

Total Yardage: 2400