08/18/05 CCB Masters Integrating Drill into Swim

We use this basic practice pattern a lot. I really like it because keeps the swimmers SWIMMING, but it allows me to work with them on drills and focus points. In any “round,” there are four chances to work on one drill — and four chances to integrate the lessons of the drill into your stroke.

400 your choice, on your own

MAIN SET: 2000
Swim 8 rounds of the following:

25 Drill
50 Drill/Swim
75 Drill/Swim/Swim
100 Swim/Swim/Drill/Swim

Round #1:
Fins. Drill is Head-Lead Body Dolphin focus on steady rhythm. Swim is 2L/2R Fly focus steady rhythm.

Round #2:
Drill is Backstroke looking down at your feet and doing wide (9/3) entry with hands. Swim is Backstroke focus on not overreaching.

Round #3:
Drill is Breast breathing every other stroke, focus on low breath. Swim is BR focus on low breath.

Round #4:
Pull Buoy. Drill is Head-Lead Flutter Kick on Back, focus on rotating. Swim is FR focus on rotation.

Round #5:
Fins. Drill is dolphin kick on back. Swim is 1L/1R Fly, focus on two kicks per armstroke.

Round #6:
Fins. Drill is 2L/2R Backstroke. Swim is BK, focus on rotation.

Round #7:
Drill is breast with an extra kick, focus on streamline during second kick. Swim is BR, focus on long, gliding strokes.

Round #8:
Drill is Head-Up Tarzan for half a length, focus on wide hand entry. Swim is FR, focus on wide hand entry.

100 EZ

Total Yardage: 2500