08/25/05 CCB Masters Some Different Focus Points

Our last practice was almost all freestyle, so today we mixed in some other strokes — and some different focus points.

400 your choice, on your own

With fins.
6 X 50 on approx. :15 rest interval
Odds: Swim backstroke to the far flags in a sit-up position (looking toward your feet) and wide, fast hand entry (about 9 and 3 on the clock face). At the flags, switch to regular backstroke, but still keep the feeling of a wide hand entry.
Evens: Swim head-up freestyle for 12 1/2yards looking straight ahead, with wide hand entry. At 12.5 yards, switch to regular freestyle, but maintain the wide hand entry.

MAIN SET #1: 450
No equipment
Throughout this set, you focus on back and free is wide hand entry.
1 X 75 BK
1 X 75 BK/BR/FR
1 X 75 BR
1 X 75 BK/BR/FR
1 X 75 FR
1 X 75 BK/BR/FR

MAIN SET #2: 400
With pull buoy.
4 X 100 free except that third length of every 100 is backstroke. Focus on wide hand entry.

MAIN SET #3: 450
Repeat MAIN SET #1, but this time with fins. Focus on wide hand entry on back and free. On Breast, focus on pulling just from the wrists (tiny pull).

With fins. Form into groups of 4 to 6 swimmers. Each group takes a Med Ball or 10-pound rubber “brick” to the deep end. First swimmer holds ball in air for 5 seconds, then passes it to the next swimmer, who holds it in the air for 5 seconds, etc. Keep passing the ball or brick for 4 to 5 minutes. Use flutter and/or dolphin kick.

100 EZ

Total Yardage: approx. 2100