09/01/05 CCB Masters Gloves…Nekked…Paddles

The idea in the two main sets is to transition from gloves to nekked hands to paddles. You are adding surface area to your pull. In the second main set, you count strokes as you do the transitions, and try to keep your stroke count the same, even as you add more surface area. This is difficult to do, but it’s a good exercise to make you aware of how — and with what part of your body — you’re holding on to the water.

400 your choice, on your own

12 X 25 freestyle on approx. :10 RI
Every three 25s, you change your focus, starting at your fingertips and working down to your toes.
1st 3: Focus is wide hand entry
2nd 3: Focus is looking at the tiles when you head is in the water
3rd 3: Focus is exaggerating the rotation of your hips
4th 3: Focus is pointing your toes during pushoff and swim

MAIN SET #1: 900
Swim three rounds of the following. Rest interval is approx. :20.
1 X 50 Free
1 X 50 Free
1 X 50 BK/BR
1 X 50 BR/FR
1 X 50 Free
1 X 50 Free

1st round: Wear fins and fistgloves.
2nd round: Wear fins.
3rd round: Wear paddles and pull buoy.

MAIN SET #2: 600
Your choice of stroke on these, but whatever you choose, swim that stroke for all the 50s. You could also swim the first two 50s stroke and the second two 50s freestyle in each round.

Whatever stroke you choose, the idea is to count your strokes and try to hold the same stroke count regardless of whether you have fistgloves, nekked hands, or paddles.

4 X 50 with gloves
4 X 50 nekked hands
4 X 50 paddles


Total Yardage: 2300