09/13/05 CCB Masters Descend 200s

I got a lot of long faces today when I announced the main set, but by the 5th and 6th 200, everyone rallied and finished with some incredibly strong times. I think they surprised themselves. Before the final 200, I asked everyone for a target time, and everyone pretty much demolished their target. Cool.

400 your choice, on your own

With fins
12 X 25 Backstroke @ approx. :10 RI
1-3 Focus on streamlined pushoff on the back, with dolphin kicks taking your PAST the flags
4-6 Focus on hands entering at 10/2
7-9 Focus on steady head
10-12 Focus on rotation, especially the hips

MAIN SET: 1500/1800
Lane 1 swims 5 rounds of the following. Other lanes swim 6 rounds. Descend your time on each of the 200s.

1 X 200 Free, except that 7th length is Backstroke. Count your strokes and get an average “N.”
4 X 25 Free @ N-2 stroke count. Take 5 easy bobs as recovery between each 25. Stretch it out. This is your active recovery from the 200s.

At lease 100 EZ warmdown after you do the final 4 X 25 @ N-2.

Total Yardage: 2300/2600