09/15/05 CCB Masters Aerobic Day

We’re headed out of the main triathlon season and into the fall/winter training season, so I will be adding some more aerobic days to our training. The idea today was to do some long steady swims (400 is long for us), just working on technique and not getting the heartrate up too high.

400 your choice, on your own

MAIN SET: 2000/2400/2800
Lane 1 did 100s between the 400s. Lane 2 did 200s between the 400s. Fastest lanes did 300s between the 400s. On the drill IMs, the freestyle portion is always straight freestyle.

400 Head-Lead Drill IM with fins
100/200/300 pull with pull buoy, B+1 breathing pattern

400 Hand-Lead Drill IM with fins
100/200/300 alternating 50 free with elasic band around ankles/50 freestyle

400 Single-Arm Drill IM with fins
100/200/300 EZ swim your choice

400 2L/2R Drill IM with fins
100/200/300 EZ WARMDOWN swim of your choice

Total Yardage: 2400/2800/3200