09/20/05 CCB Masters Stroke Drills and Workin’ It Down (Up) to 90% Effort

This practice took about 70 minutes including warmup/warmdown, so we ran over our 60-minute time. Shorten it by doing 6 X 25s instead of 8 X 25s. (Our lane #1 (slowest lane) did 6 X 25s.)

400 your choice, on your own

MAIN SET: 2000/1800
The 25s in this set are for drill/technique work. The main part of the main set are the 300, 150s, and 100s. The idea is that as the set progresses, you gradually build your effort level on these swims at the same time that you are getting more rest.

8 X 25s EZ Freestyle on approx :10 RI
Focus is keeping one goggle in the water during the breath, and looking back as you breathe.

1 X 300 Free pull with pull buoy. EZ pace. Bump up your normal breathing pattern by 1 stroke. Focus on streamlined pushoff and getting max distance off each wall. This is 60% effort.

8 X 25 on :10 RI
Odds: UW Breast kick in streamline. Focus on keeping the tiles moving
Evens: Hand-Lead Breast kick on your back

2 X 150 Free @ exactly :15 RI. These are 70% effort. Keep the effort easy, so that 15 seconds seems like adequate rest.

8 X 25 on :10 RI
Odds: 2L/1R Backstroke, focus on showing both shoulders
Evens: Backstroke, focus on rotating

3 X 100 Free @ exactly :20 RI. These are 80% effort.

8 X 25 with fins on :10 to :15 RI
Odds: 2L/2R/2 Whole-Stroke Fly
Evens: 3 strokes Fly then switch to Freestyle
Focus throughout is on keeping the arms low to the water on recovery

3 X 100 Free @ exactly :25 RI. These are 90% effort.

At least 100 EZ

Total Yardage: 2500/2300