07/31/03 CCB Masters Increase Speed and Stroke Rate

07/31/03 CCB Masters Practice

On Tuesday, we worked on the expanding your gear box of LOW gears for freestyle. Today we’ll work on expanding the HIGH end of the gear box.

Swim for 5 minutes on your own.

Take 3 or 4 bobs as recovery betwen each of the following 25s freestyle.
3 X 25 focus on hiding your head
3 X 25 focus on piercing the water with your entry hand
3 X 25 focus on reaching full extension on each stroke
3 X 25 swim downhill by looking down and leaning in
3 X 25 focus on streamline and maximum distance off each wall
3 X 25 first one fast, second one faster, third one REALLY FAST

MAIN SET: 1500/1250/1000
Fast lane swims 6 times through the following set. Middle lane 5 times through. Slower lane 4 times through.
Fast lane sendoffs: 1:45 for 75s/ 1:00 for 50s/ :30 for 25s
Middle lane sendoffs: 2:00 for 75s/ 1:10 for 50s/ :35 for 25s
Slower lane sendoffs: 2:15 for 75s/ 1:30 for 50s/ :45 for 25s

1 X 75 (25 Head-Lead on Your Back Side to Side + 25 6-Count Back + 25 4-Count Back)
2 X 50 Swim 2nd 50 faster than the 1st 50
3 X 25 1st one fast/ 2nd one faster/ 3rd one REALLY FAST


Total Yardage: 2050/1800/1550, not including warmup