10/24/05 PM Practice Stretch It Out

Did this practice in a 20-yard pool. I’ve been trying to up my yardage this season to a minimum of 3000, just to get used to the warmup/warmdown/race yardage that I will have to swim in an upcoming 2-day meet. In past seasons, a typical practice was 2000 or 2500. Today, I wanted to stretch it a little further, to 3600.

WARMUP: 1600
With Zura Alph fins, swim continuously through the following. On the 200, start with all backstroke and then substitute 40 free each round, until final round is 200 all freestyle.

120 Fl/Bk/Br Head-Lead IM, then 200
120 Fl/Bk/BR Hand-Lead IM, then 200
120 Fl/Bk/BR Single-Arm IM, then 200
120 Fl/Bk/Br 2L/2R IM, then 200
120 Fl/Bk/Br Combo Drills, then 200

KICK SET #1: 320
8 X 40 kick in IM order once through. For each stroke, do first 40 with pull buoy, second 40 w/o pull buoy. Do 10 Rocket Launchers before each 40. No break between anything.

FREESTYLE CORD SET: 400 equivalent
With long tether and pull buoy. Push off and swim 60 strokes freestyle, then float back and start again. Do 4 X 60 strokes. Worked on head position and not collapsing left arm/elbo during the pull.

KICK SET #2: 320
Repeat Kick Set #1.

TETHER SET: 600 equivalent
With long belt and pull buoy for freestyle. No pull buoy for breast kick.
Twice through:
60 strokes freestyle resisted, then float back
30 Head-Lead breaststroke kicks, into 20 Hand-Lead breaststroke kicks (centering cord between feet after each kick), turn and swim back assisted, focusing on drawing up the feet.

10 X 20 breast with double pullout on 1-4 and 6-9. Four bobs recovery between 20s.

WARMDOWN: 200 EZ and playing around with porpoising and back somersaults.

Total Yardage: 3600