11/06/05 Drill Kick Swim

Trying to give the shoulders a rest today.

No fins or equipment.
150 FL/BK/BR kick, then 100 EZ BK
150 FL/BK/BR kick, then 100 EZ FR

MAIN SET: 2000
Swim four times through the following, focus on drawing the feet up on all the breaststroke drills:

Swim a 400, alternating 25 Breast drill/25 head-lead flutter kick on your back. Then immediately swim a 100 free. (Total of 500 yards.) Change the breaststroke drill after every 100. I used drills from Go Swim Breaststroke Drills with Staciana Stitts & Dave Denniston.

200 EZ kick/free

Total Yardage: 2850