11/17/05 Breaststroke Kick and Pushoff Practice

WARMUP: 1000
With Zura Alpha Fins, swim continuously through the following:
50 Fly drill/50 Back drill/50 Br drill + 200 FR & BK
50 Fly drill/50 BK drill/50 BR drill + 200 FR & BK

No equipment:
300 EZ Breast kick in different positions

KICK SET #1: 500
10 X 50 Breast kick on 1:30 sendoff with 8 Rocket Launchers before each 50.
First 25 of each 50 was a BR kick drill, either UW or 1Up/2 Down or Breast Breathing Every Other Stroke or BR kick on back with hands in air. Second 25 of each 50 was Head-Lead Breast Kick on Stomach, working the downward dolphin kick on the pulldown.

Swim three rounds of the following. Go right into the freestyle pulls and use these as active recovery.

With long-belt tether:
Push off, 30 head-lead breast kicks, then 20 hand-lead breast kicks catching the cord with toes after each kick, then swim to the wall, turn and swim assisted back to starting point. With pull buoy and tether, push off and swim 60 strokes freestyle, using a different breathing pattern than normal. Float back to starting point. Push off and do another 60 strokes freestyle.

4 X 25 Breast on :30 [went 7-8-8-9 strokes. times were approx. 20…19…20…19]

WARMDOWN: 200 EZ free and back

Total Yardage: 3000