11/22/05 CCB Masters 22 X 100 on the 22nd

We didn’t quite fit this into our 60-minute practice, but we came close. The main event is the Callenge 100s — the set of 5 X 100 in the middle of practice. This is a test set for us, and I keep records of everyone’s sendoffs, so we don’t have to spend a lot of time deciding on the correct sendoff.

400 your choice, on your own

MAIN SET: 2200
3 X 100, swum as:
25 Hand-Lead Dolphin Kick on stomach
25 Flutter Kick on back
25 Breast Kick on back
25 Free

4 X 100 IM with fins, except that there is a floating 2L/2R drill throughout the set, i.e., on first 100 the fly is 2L/2R fly. On the second 100, the back is 2L/2R back, etc.

Challenge set. 5 X 100 free on the fastest sendoff you can manage, and still make all five 100s. Fastest swimmers may get only 0 to 5 seconds rest on the final 100. Middle-level swimmers may get only 5 to 10 seconds rest by the final 100. We had three swimmers on 1:25. One on 1:40. Four on 1:50. One on 2:00 and one on 2:45.

50 EZ recovery

4 X 100 with fins
Odds: Alternate 25 Dolphin Kick on back/25 Free
Evens: Alternate 25 Dolphin Kick on stomach/25 Back

3 X 100 freestyle pull with pull buoy
Use a different breathing pattern on each 100, and make each pattern different from your usual pattern. Also work distance off walls — should be past the flags before first stroke.

2 X 100 drill IM with fins

1 X Broken 100. This is really 4 X 25 at 90 to 95% effort and with 10 seconds rest between 25s.

At least 100 EZ

Total Yardage: About 2500