11/21/05 Breaststroke 20-Yard Practice

Am just getting over several months of shoulder soreness, so am just beginning to add arms again. This is mostly kick, some arms. Done in 20-yard pool.

No equipment. Swim twice through the following:
40 Hand-Lead Dolphin kick on stomach
40 Flutter kick on back
40 Breast kick on back
280 Free/Back

MAIN SET: 1760 (equivalent)
Attach long-belt tether to lane bolt.

Swim two rounds of the following:
With tether, push off and do 30 head-lead breast kicks, then 25 hand-lead breast kicks, catching cord between feet after each kick, then turn and swim back assisted. Repeat.

With tether, push off and swim 20 resisted breast, then turn and do 20 assisted breast. Repeat.

2 X 200 swum as:
40 Breast breathing every other stroke focus on drawing up the feet
40 Hand-Lead breast kick on back
40 Head-Lead breast kick on stomach, with double pulldowns
80 Breast, focus on drawing up the feet

MAIN SET #2: 240
6 X 40 swum as:
20 breast with double pulldown/20 breast with one pulldown. Work on downward-dolphin pulldown.

200 EZ free pull

Total Yardage: 3000