12/14/05 CCB Masters 200s Descend

The 200s descend, with 4 X 25 between each 200, is a set that we do on a regular basis. The 4 X 25s give you a chance to recover, to work on something in your stroke, and then apply it to the next 200. Whenever we do this practice, it is really cool to see how everyone gets into the DESCEND aspect of it. At the start, they don’t know if they can do it or not, but then each lane gets into it and it’s kind of a personal and lane-type challenge. Nice to see this happening from on deck.

400 your choice, on your own

With fins.
4 X 25 FR, swimming 1/2 length with head out and looking directly forward with focus on wide hand entry, then 1/2 length with head in and focus on wide hand entry.

With pull buoy.
4 X 50 FR, working on wide hand entry

MAIN SET: 1200
Swim four times through the following. Take only minimal rest after each 200; use the 25s as active recovery. Descend time on each 200.

1 X 200 FR except that 7th length of each 200 is BK. Count strokes and hold “N” throughout.
4 X 25 FR at N-2 stroke count (two strokes fewer than N on the 200) Do 5 bobs recovery between each 25

KICK SET: 200-300
With fins
200/300 dolphin kick in any way you want to do it — board, no boad, stomach, back, side, etc.

With fins
10 X 25 FR, taking only 2 breaths per length. Do 5 bobs as recovery between 25s. The idea is to relax everything, esp the kick and to take perfect strokes. If you relax, it’s easier to do each length with only 2 breaths.

100 EZ

Total Yardage: Approx. 2500