12/22/05 Breast Practice

Am in hometown of Wooster, OH for the holidays and get to practice in the high school pool. It is such a great pool that I want to just keep swimming and swimming. It’s just the right temp for me (82-83), skylights and windows everywhere, great lanelines, minimal waves, well marked. What a treat! Plus, it’s usually empty so I get to use stretch-cord toys without worrying about them snapping and hurting anyone.

WARMUP: 1050
With Zura Alpha fins, swim continuously through three rounds of:
50 Fly drill
50 BK drill
50 BR drill
200 free/back
The drills get more complex on each round.

250 EZ breast kick in all positions

TETHER SET: 400 (equivalent)
With tether, push off, pull down, take 30 head-lead breast kicks, then 20 hand-lead breast kicks (catching the cord after each kick), then swim to the wall, turn, and swim back assisted. Focus on drawing the hips forward. Repeat.

With tether and pull buoy, push off, take 60 strokes easy free, then float back. Repeat.

The focus throughout the set is to pull the hips forward. Keep the feet together, toes pointed, until the very last second during the draw. Don’t let the hips drop as you do this. Keep everything near the surface. Split the water with hands during the recovery of the arms.
10 X 100, nearly continuous (the kick portion of each 100 is active recovery)
All kicking is on the back, either hand lead or head lead.

#1 W/ pull buoy Swim 25/kick 75
#2 Nekked Swim 25/kick 75
#3 W/ pull buoy Swim 50/kick 50
#4 Nekked Swim 50/kick 50
#5 W/ pull buoy Swim 75/kick 25
#6 Nekked Swim 75/kick 25
#7 W/ pull buoy Swim 100
#8 W/ pull buoy Kick 100
#9 Nekked Swim 100
#10 Nekked Kick 100

50 breast kick
50 eggbeater kick

10 X 25 breast from a layout with double pulldown on 1-4 and 6-9. Work on downward dolphin kick.

200 EZ Free/Back

Total Yardage: approx. 3300