08/19/03 CCB Masters Short Stuff

08/19/03 CCB Masters Short Stuff

5 minutes swim on your own

Swim 4 times through the following. Recover is 3 bobs between each 25. Focus on rotating cleanly, quickly, and smoothly between freestyle and backstroke. On freestyle and backstroke, think about rotating quickly from one hip to the other.
25 Long-Axis Combo (4 strokes backstroke/3 strokes freestyle)
25 Backstroke
25 LA Combo
25 Freestyle

MAIN SETS: 1,200
Wear fins for all sets.
Swim 4 rounds of the following:
4 X 50 on :20 second rest interval
4 X 25 on :10 second rest interval

1st Round:
50s are 25 Stoneskipper + 25 Back
25s are your choice of Body-Dolphin Fly or Backstroke

2nd Round:
50s are 25 Back + 25 Body-Dolphin Breast
25s are your choice of Back or BD Breast

3rd Round:
50s are 25 Body-Dolphin Breast + 25 Freestyle
25s are your choice of BD Breast or Free

4th Round:
50s are 25 Hand-Lead Body Dolphin + 25 Hand-Lead Body Dolphin on Your Back
25s are Freestyle with Body Dolphin

No fins. Swim twice through the following — all freestyle.
4 X 25 on :10 rest interval
1st 25: First 6 strokes are a “cycle burst,” which means really fast with high turnover. Then cruise EZ to the end of the length.
2nd 25: First 8 strokes are a cycle burst
3rd 25: First 10 strokes cycle burst
4th 25: First 12 strokes cycle burst
Try to HIDE YOUR EFFORT on the cycle bursts. Go for a high turnover and speed, but try to RELAX your shoulder and arm muscles at the same time. Make this easy, CONTROLLED speed.

EZ 100

Total Yardage: 1900, not including warmup