08/21/03 CCB Masters Surprise Kickboard Set

08/21/03 CCB Masters Surprise Kickboard Set

Sometimes it’s OK to forget about rotation and balance and just go for the burn. We don’t normally use kickboards in practice (usually, we practice kicking while doing long-axis drills), but today I wanted everyone to work their legs and hamstrings and feel the burn. During the kick sets, we focused on pointing the toes and keeping the feet just at the water line, so that the splash was visible above the surface.

With fins.
100 Short-axis drills
100 Long-axis drills
100 Short-axis drills
100 Long-Axis drills

MAIN SET: 1500, 1800
Swim twice through the following:

5 X 50 flutter kick with kickboard @ :10 rest interval
5 X 100 free + 25 EZ active recovery (Your final EZ 25 will be an EZ 50, to bring you back to the starting end of the pool.) The slower lane did 4 X 100 + 25 EZ.
On the 100s, stop long enough after each 100 to catch your time, them immediately push off and do an EZ 25 of anything you want (breast kick on your back, backstroke, breaststroke, etc.). When you finish the EZ 25, rest NO LONGER THAN 5 SECONDS (just enough so that you can check the clock) and push off again for your next 100. On the 100s, aim for a time that is 5 to 7 seconds faster than your average 100 time in a T-15. The idea of the set is to do a broken swim at a little faster than race pace for a triathlon swim. You should never feel COMPLETELY recovered at the end of each EZ 25, but you will need to push off again and swim at a little faster than race pace.

100 EZ swimdown

Total Yardage: 2000,2300