01/03/06 Breast Practice with Tempo Trainer

This is a practice sequence that I got from Glenn Mills. I received a Tempo Trainer over the holidays, and have used it only a couple of times. It takes some experimentation, but what a great tool. I have trouble hearing all of the beeps, especially on breaststroke because water gets in my cap and gets between my ear and the TT. But if you get totally zoned into the rhythm of the beep, you can go for several strokes or even half a length or so without having to hear it — the rhythm is in your head.

With Zura Alpha fins: 400
50 Head-Lead Dolphin
50 Head-Lead Flutter
50 Head-Lead Dolphin on your back
250 alternate free and back

I set the TT to beep every 1.5 seconds and then did the following set. This tempo may not work for everyone, but it might give you a starting point. I didn’t use any particular sendoff on these 25s. I took a little more rest when I was doing whole-stroke swimming.

6 X 25 Hand-Lead Body Dolphin with Zura Alpha Fins (breathe every 4 to 6 dolphins)
6 X 25 Body Dolphin with fins, taking a small pull and a breath every other dolphin
6 X 25 Body Dolphin w/o fins (This means take one pulse with a dolphin kick, followed by one stroke breaststroke with a breaststroke kick.)
6 X 25 breaststroke, w/o a pullout.

The trick is to focus totally on the beeps and totally on your body rhythm. Fit everything else — the breath, the armstroke, the kick — into the body rhythm. I ended up taking 12 strokes on the final 6 X 25, but they felt quick and easy and very rhythmic.

200 EZ backstroke/freestyle

Reset the TT to beep every 1.35 seconds, then repeat the 24 X 25 as above. Stay in rhythm. I ended up taking 13 strokes on the final 6 X 25, but again they felt great.

400 EZ backstroke/freestyle

Total Yardage: 2200