01/05/6 CCB Masters Prefixes

On almost all the sets today, we added a little something — a prefix — to the beginning of each swim. In some cases, the prefix was a drill, to set up a focus point prior to swimming whole stroke. In other cases the prefix was something that would tire us out a little bit, prior to swimming a familiar distance.

400 your choice, on your own

IM SET: 600
4 X 150 @ approx. :15 RI. Swim these as 50 kick (IM order on the set), followed immediately by 100 free. Try to peek at the clock at the 50 and get your time on the 100. Try to descend your 100 times.

This is with fins.
6 X 50, with each length of each 50 swum as 3 strokes fly, followed by freestyle. Prior to each 50, do 45 seconds of vertical dolphin kick — 15 seconds with hands at sides (this is your recovery from the last 50)…15 seconds with hands on shoulders…15 seconds with hands over your head. Work on a quick dolphin kick.

4 X 75, swum as 25 double-arm backstroke + 50 backstroke. On the drill, focus on wide hand entry and entering pinky first. Also focus on straight-arm recovery. Carry the wide entry into the swim. On the drill, you can do either breaststroke kick or flutter kick.

With pull buoy.
3 X 100 free @ approx. :15 RI
On each 100, your breathing pattern should be B+3…B+2…B+1…B. For example, if you normally breathe every 3 strokes, you should breathe every 6 on the first 25, every 5 on the second 25, every 4 on the third 25, every 3 on the final 25.

200 EZ

Total Yardage: Approx: 2100 + vertical kicking