01/04/06 Playing Around with Tempo Trainer

I’m really liking my new Tempo Trainer. Makes me feel very STEADY when I swim, but at the same time relaxed. An odd mix. The one problem I have is that about 60% of the time, I can’t hear the beep. I hear it fine on backstroke and freestyle, but on breaststroke, the up and down motion sends water into my cap and between my ear and the TT. If anyone has a solution to this, please let me know! (I know, I know…Glenn will say I’ve got to get to the point where I hear the rhythm in my head.)

With Zura Alpha fins.
Three times through:
40 SA drill
40 LA drill
40 SA drill
200 Free/Back

With Tempo Trainer set at 1:60
10 X 40 breast kick, with 5 Rocket Launchers before each 40. Rotated through UW kick, kickboard, pull-buoy kick, hand-lead kick on back, and whole-stroke breast. It was difficult to hold the tempo while just kicking. The other day, I was swimming whole stroke at 1:50 TT pace and it felt fast but do-able. I started this kick set at 1:50 TT, but had to increase it to 1:60.

SWIM SET: 1200
Did all these 40s on :55 sendoff.
8 X 40 BR with TT at 2:30
7 X 40 BR with TT at 2:20
5 X 40 BR with TT at 2:10
4 X 40 BR with TT at 2:00
3 X 40 BR with TT at 1:90
2 X 40 BR with TT at 1:80
1 X 40 BR with TT at 1:70

300 Freestyle pull
100 EZ Breast

Total Yardage: 3000