Lazy Swimmer #6 – Keep Your Head Down While Kicking

KIDS LOVE KICKING. It’s sometimes the BEST time in practice. You get to look around, talk to your friends, whistle… it’s just FUN. That’s what it’s supposed to be… right? WRONG.

DESCRIBE THE IMAGE See, when you pop your head up like that, you’re creating strain in your neck, back, and shoulders. And you’re causing your hips to sink, which creates a lot of drag. This body-position thing becomes REALLY important to the lazy swimmer, and putting all this unnecessary stress on your body is just silly.

So, to be really lazy and avoid all that drag, keep your head IN the water, even if you use a board. At the VERY least, keep your head really really close to the water. This will help your body get into a better position, and you’ll slip through the water a bit better.

As a coach, it’s very easy to see the swimmers who REALLY want more work, cause they’re the ones who aren’t wearing goggles. It’s a sure sign they’re NOT going to put their head down, and they’re just TRYING to make it tougher on themselves. I try to oblige them by making the intervals faster, and the sets longer. Just trying to make everyone happy. Enjoy.