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In OPEN WATER SWIMMING, triathlete and coach Michael Collins shares the knowledge he has gained from more than 20 years of coaching and racing in open-water swims and triathlons. His DVD offers advice for every level of competitor — novice to elite — and will help make open-water swims less intimidating and more enjoyable — even exhilarating.

Collins combines pool footage, clever graphics, and extensive footage from triathlon races and ocean-based training sessions to illustrate his main points:

Basic Freestyle Swimming Skills: Comfort in the Water… Body/Head Position… Swimming with Low Effort… Breathing Techniques

Course Evaluation & Safety: The Importance of Knowing Water Temperature, Waves, Currents, and Bottom Conditions… How to Study Course Layout

Advanced Open-Water Skills: Entries and Dolphining (featuring stunning how-to footage of world/national open-water champion Gerry Rodrigues)… Navigation and Sighting… Drafting (including drills for the pool)…Turning Around Buoys… Exits and Riding Waves… Race Strategies

Bonus Features:  Interview with Todd Heady, Ultra Triathlon Champion of the Americas… Wetsuit and Race-Start Advice from Barb Lindquist and Wes Hobson

Michael Collins has been coaching and racing in open water swims and triathlons since 1984. He has competed in 200+ open-water events in just about every possible type of condition. A former professional triathlete (1988 to 1993), Collins still competes as an elite-level, age-group triathlete despite very limited training time. As a full-time coach. Collins runs the Novaquatics Masters Swimming & Triathlon Program in Orange County, CA. He was the 2002 ITU World Aquathlon Amateur Champion, and was named the US Masters Coach of the Year in 1990, Pacific Masters Coach of the Year in 1991, and Southern Pacific Masters Coach of the Year in 2001.

Approximate Running Time: 35 instructional + 25 minutes bonus material

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