01/31/06 TT Takedown

This past month, I have been playing around with the Tempo Trainer fromFinis, and it has become my favorite pool toy. I had two of them, and was letting my age-group and Masters swimmers use them on a rotation basis. The feed back was good, so I ordered 12 more of them (discount!). Today was the first day that I was able to have a group of swimmers use them for an entire practice. Here’s what they did, and this is a set invented by Glenn Mills (THANKS, G!). It was fun to watch them trying to keep pace at the highest stroke rate, but they all loved the challenge and they all managed to throw in all the strokes.

400 your choice, on your own

MAIN SET: 1500
This is all freestyle. The 50s are at roughly :15 Rest Interval. The 25s are at :15 RI. This may seem like a lot of rest, but you will probably need it at the high stroke rates, because you won’t find much time to BREATHE.

8 X 50 with TT @ 1:05
6 X 50 with TT @ :95
4 X 50 with TT @ :85

8 X 25 with TT @ :75
6 X 25 with TT @ :65
4 X 25 with TT @ :60
2 X 25 with TT @ :55
4 X 25 with TT @ 1:05


Total Yardage: 2100