02/11/06 Breast Tether and IM Kick Practice

Did this in a 20-yard pool. Focus during entire practice was on getting extra extension through the shoulders on my streamlines. Interesting that the little extra effort paid off in almost one less stroke per length on free and back, and set me up with a little extra speed into the breakout.

With Zura Alpha fins, swim twice through:
40 SA drill
40 LA drill
40 SA drill
200 Free/Back

200 EZ breast kick

BREAST TETHER SET: 600 (equivalent)
With Long-Belt Slider:
Push off, dolphin pulldown, 30 Head-Lead Breast kicks, 30 Hand-Lead Breast kicks, turn and swim back assisted. Repeat

5 X 40 Breast with tether (20 resisted…turn…20 assisted) Took 10 bobs recovery between swims.

IM SET: 1600
8 X 200, swum as:
40 dolphin kick on stomach
40 flutter kick on back
40 breast kick on back
80 freestyle
Odds: with pull buoy
Evens: no pull buoy

10 X 20 breast with double dolphin pullout, with 4 bobs between 20s. Do regular pullout on #5 and #10.

Total Yardage: 3200