02/16/06 CCB Masters IMs and Test Set #3

We have a few swimmers preparing for New England Masters SCY Championships next month, so we are starting to add some speedwork for those swimmers. Today, they did two rounds of the main set, then did Test Set #3.

400 your choice, on your own

MAIN SET: 2100
Swim three rounds of the following. The IM portion is all with fins. The pull is with pull buoy. Every time you do a length of fly, do it as 3 strokes fly, then one cycle of 2L/2R fly, then 1L/1R fly to the wall.

4 X 25 IM order
2 X 100 IM
1 X 200 IM
1 X 200 freestyle pull

TEST SET #3: 600
For a complete explanation of this set, watch the GoSwim.tv site on February 17.
Choose your stroke and choose your target race time for the 100. Let’s say it’s 60 seconds for the 100 free. Swim:
2 X 75 @ target time (60 seconds) These should feel really EZ.
2 X 75 @ target time minus :04
2 X 75 @ target time minus :06
2 X 75 all out from the blocks. Get your times on these. Let’s say it’s :45. Divide the time by 3 (:15), add that time to the :45 (:60), and you get a good idea of what your time will be in a 100 race.


Total Yardage: 2600+