02/25/05 Breaststroke Practice with Drills & Toys

Did this in a 20-yard pool, but it’s easily adapted to 25 yards.

WARMUP: 1000
With Zura Alpha fins swim twice through:
40 SA drill
40 LA drill
40 SA drill
200 Free/Back

200 Breast kick all positions

160 with pull buoy — mixed — head up, flutter kick, dolphin kick, whole stroke

MAIN SET: 2000
Swim twice through all of the following:

With long-belt swim tether:
1 X Push off, pull down, 30 head-lead breast kicks, 30 hand-lead breast kicks, turn, swim back assisted.
5 X 40 breast with tether (20 resisted and 20 assisted)

With Zura Alpha fins and Tempo Trainer set at 1:60:
5 X 40 of Karla drill (alternate 1L/1R Fly with 2 strokes Breast no breath)

With no equipment and TT set at 1:55:
5 X 40
#1: Pulse Breast
#2: Breast with Extra Kick
#3: UW Breast
#4: Regular Breast
#5: Pulse Breast

With pull buoy and TT set at 1:50:
5 X 40
#1: Head-Up Breast Pull with Dolphin Kick (ignore the TT on this one!)
#2: Head-Up Breast Pull with Flutter Kick (ignore the TT)
#3: Head-In Breast Pull with Dolphin
#4: Head-In Breast Pull with Flutter
#4: Whole-Stroke Breast


Total Yardage: 3200