03/03/06 CCB Masters Working Stroke

400 your choice, on your own

MAIN SET: 1700
2 X 200 with fins, alternating 50 FR and 50 Stroke (anything but Free) Nice and EZ, focus on hiding the head on free and steady rhythm on stroke.

8 X 25 Fly drill with fins on approx. :10 RI Go twice through this sequence:
1L/1R FL/2 BR no breath (Karla drill)
2L/2R FL then finish with FL
3 stroke FL switch to Free
2L/2R FL then finish with FL

2 X 200 with pull buoy and paddles, alternating 50 FR and 50 stroke. Focus on extending and riding the “ledge” you feel with the paddle. Long strokes.

8 X 25 with pull buoy
Odds: Head-Out Breast pull with flutter kick…work on FAST hands
Evens: EZ Freestyle

Swim four times through the following:
50 FAST of stroke on approx :35 to :45 Rest Interval (lots of rest)
75 EZ swum as 25 FR + 25 Stroke + 25 FR on approx. :30 Rest Interval
Really work the 50s and really go EZ on the 75s.


Total Yardage: Apprx. 2200