03/21/06 UV Rays (new team name!) Getting Ready

Our Masters team has finally got a name and a logo! CCB Masters is now UV (Upper Valley) Rays.

There were two main sets today — a taper set for the 6 swimmers going to the New England SCY Championships this weekend and a middle-distance set for all other swimmers (mostly triathletes).

400 your choice, on your own

16 X 25 on :45 sendoff. Taper group did 4 X 25 of each stroke; all others did choice.
Every 4th 25 is FAST. The preceeding three 25s are EZ and anything that makes you feel good, and feel ready to go fast on the 4th 25. The EZ 25s can be kick, drill, whatever.

MAIN SET #1 (for fitness/triathletes): 1200
Swim 3 rounds of the following:
1 X 200 free with pull buoy and paddles
2 X 100 no equipment — freestyle but the 3rd length of each 100 is backstroke.

Round #1: Breathe every 2 every 3
Round #2: Breathe every 2 every 4
Round #3: Breathe every 2 every 5

MAIN SET #2 (taper set for swimmers going to the meet): 600 + 250 EZ
This is a test set posted on the site by Coach Black. It is used to predict your time for the 100 in a meet. Before you start the set, decide on your target time for the 100. (Let’s say it’s 60 seconds for 100 free.)

8 X 75 of your choice of stroke
1st 2 X 75 are swum at your target time (these should feel EZ). Take about 30 seconds rest between 75s.

2nd 2 X 75 are swum at your target time minus 4 seconds. (Getting a little tougher but still relaxed swims.)

3rd 2 X 75 are swum at your target time minus 6 seconds. (Getting tougher.)

4th 2 X 75 are all out from the blocks.

Be sure to get your time on all the 75s, but especially the final 2. Let’s say you went 45 seconds for the final 2. Divide that time by 3 (15 seconds per length). Then add that time to your total time (45 + 15 = 60). This means that you should be able to race the 100 in about 60 seconds.

250 EZ recovery swim.

We call this a scrimmage.
Everyone wears fins.
2 X 25 ALL-OUT, BLAST-FAST FREESTYLE. Swim 2 abreast in each lane. Sendoff is 1 minutes (lots of rest). These are really fun, and are great for the triathletes because they simulate the race start. For the meet swimmers, the fins help you to go faster than you could on your own, so you are simulating race-pace turnover. For the weaker swimmers, this is fun because sometimes they are as fast or FASTER than the more accomplished swimmers when we do this set.


Total Yardage: Approx. 2200 fitness/1800 taper