04/18/06 UV Rays Masters 4-4-3-3-2-2-1-1

400 your choice, on your own

MAIN SET: 1200 beginner lane/2000 other lanes + 200
Rest interval is approx. 1 minute on the 400s, :45 on the 300s, :30 on the 200s, :15 on the 100s.
We had two focus points during the set. One was flip turns. Many of our swimmers are just learning to do flips, so the goal was to do as many as possible today — and to especially try to do the ones going from a freestyle length to a backstroke length. Those who can do flips, focus on distance off the wall. The focus point during the pull (assuming open turns) is to not hook the feet as you’re pulling the feet up for the turn. Try to point the toes and overlap the feet slightly as you pull into the tuck.

400 free, except 3rd length of every 100 is backstroke
400 freestyle pull
300 free, except 3rd length of every 100 is backstroke
300 freestyle pull or 300 dolphin kick with fins
200 free, except 3rd length of every 100 is backstroke
200 freestyle pull or 200 dolphin kick with fins
100 free
100 freestyle pull

200 EZ dolphin kick with fins, any position

IM SET: 750 (Only the fastest lane had time for this set.)
With fins. Three rounds of the following:
50 dolphin kick on stomach
50 flutter kick on back
50 dolphin kick on back
100 free

Round #1: Kicks are with hands at sides.
Round #2: Kicks are with hands extended.
Round #3: Kicks are with 2L/2R arms, except for 50 dolphin on your back


Total Yardage: Approx. 3400 for fastest lane; 2800 for middle lanes; 1800 for beginner lane