04/27/06 UV Rays Masters Kick, Scull, Swim All Strokes

400 your choice, on your own

8 X 25 Freestyle with fins. Swim first half of each length with head up and looking straight forward. Focus on wide hand entry. Swim head down on second half, still keeping wide hand entry.

MAIN SET: 1600
Swim four rounds of the following:

50 kick, no equipment
50 scull with pull buoy
50 swim EZ and loong
50 swim — EZ first 25, then build the second 25
200 Freestyle pull with paddles and pull buoy

Round #1: kick, scull, swim is backstroke…on the pull, breathing pattern is every 2/every 5
Round #2: breaststroke…on the pull, breathing pattern is odds normal/evens every 3,5,7,9 by 25
Round #3: freestyle…on the pull, breathing pattern is every 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4 by 25
Round #4: butterfly (your choice fins on the 2 X 50 swim)…on the pull, breathing pattern is your choice

WARMDOWN: 100…300
300 for fastest lane…100 for other lanes

Total Yardage: approx. 2400