05/09/06 UV Rays Masters 10 X 100 Free w/Something Extra

The idea today was to do several short, warm-up sets prior to the main set.

400 your choice, on your own

8 X 25 Freestyle, with straight-over sommersault at mid pool on each 25. For those who don’t do flip turns, swim to mid pool and simulate an open turn by spinning all the way around and then swim the rest of the length.

FLY SET: 200
With fins.
Twice through the following on roughtly :10 RI:

25 alternating 1 cycle Pulse Breast and 1 cycle Pulse FLy
25 1 cycle 2L/2R Fly…switch to whole-stroke Fly
25 start with 3 strokes Fly…switch to Free
25 Karla drill

200 breast kick on your back, alternating hand lead/head lead by 50

MAIN SET: 1000
10 X 100 Free @ :30 to :35 RI
Pick one thing that you will do on each 100 that is just a little bit EXTRA than what you’d normally do. It might be doing 1 (or 2) flip turns if you don’t normally do flips. It might be not breathing until your second stroke after the breakout (from an informal poll, this is what most people chose). It might be bumping up your breathing pattern once during the course of each length. You choose, but try to hang onto the EXTRA for all ten 100s. In terms of effort, try to hold your times steady throughout the entire set, notching it up a bit on the final 2 or 3 100s.

With fins.
8 X 25 EZ EZ EZ
Odds: Backstroke
Evens: 2L/2R Fly

Total Yardage: About 2200